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DOT-Z1 DMI (Distance Measuring Instrument)
Complete system including DMI, installation kit, user's manual, and windshield/dash mounting hardware.
Select Model from drop down:
  •     DOT-Z1 Basic - DMI  -  $379.00
  •     DOT-Z1 Standard - DMI with Event Storage and USB  -  $439.00
  •     DOT-Z1 Professional* - DMI with GPS, Event Storage and USB  -  $599.00
        *Professional model includes versatile magnetic GPS antenna and does not require wiring to VSS.

Replacement GPS Antenna
GPS Antenna used with the DOT-Z1 Professional DMI.  Antenna features 3 meter (~10 feet) cable length and has a magnetic back which allows it to be roof-mountable.  -  $30.00

Replacement DMI Windshield Mount Bracket
Suction-cup windshield mount bracket, suitable for mounting the DMI inside a vehicle.  -  $20.00

Replacement DOT-Z1 Power Cable
Power cable that plugs into the 12V outlet inside a vehicle and connects to the DMI.  -  $18.00

DOT-Z1 Universal VSS Kit
Universal Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) wiring kit that allows the DMI to utilize a vehicle-based speed sensing source.  -  $35.00

If you are unsure which DMI is the best for your application, please visit Distance Measuring Instruments page.

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