Distance Measuring Instruments
Our Distance Measuring Instruments (DMI) are vehicular mounted, computerized instruments that precisely measure distances ranging from 10s of feet to thousands of miles.  They are easy to install, and easy to use, making surveying and other applications involving measuring distances much simpler, faster, and more accurate compared to using the old-fashioned hand wheel. They feature a menu-driven design and bright LED display in an attractive and sleek design that can be mounted on a dash-board or windshield.

Featuring the new DOT-Z1
line of distance measuring instruments offering unsurpassed performance and features.  Some advanced features such as a USB interface and an on-board high-performance GPS receiver make these the most powerful DMIs available.


Although our DMIs do not require an external sensor, we manufacture sensors that can be use by other DMIs or in vehicles without conventional vehicle speed sensing sources.  Please contact us for details.